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my story

Hello. I’m Linda. I am passionate about nurturing holistic wellbeing, and my aim is to help people find a deeper sense of belonging and connectedness to the Earth, to each other and to their natural selves.

My background in education includes 7 years of primary and French teaching, and 20 years in early childhood education and care, as co-owner of a long day care centre with my sister. I also have experience in after school care (OSHC).

I have a passion for holistic approaches to education, including Steiner early childhood education, and along the way I have also trained as a meditation teacher, transpersonal art therapist and women’s circle facilitator.

In recent years I’ve spent time deepening my personal connection to nature. My own ongoing journey of reconnection, especially through Wayapa, has led me to explore my Irish and English ancestry and my ancestors’ Earth connection practices, to deepen my personal connection to this beautiful land of Australia, my home, getting to know the local landscapes, birds, trees, weather patterns and their interconnections. In doing so, I realised that to truly know this land I needed to deepen my understanding of and connections with First Nations people who have belonged here and cared for Country, living in harmony with the land, for many tens of thousands of years.

I discovered Wayapa Wuurrk and have now become a certified practitioner of this beautiful modality. I have found Wayapa to be both a simple and accessible practice, and a way of life, a map for creating a harmonious, sustainable and interconnected life, alongside our human and more-than-human family. I weave all of my experience and modalities into my Wayapa Earth connection circles, workshops and mentoring programs, and I’m very happy to be able to share it all with you.

rediscover a new story that will reconnect you to the Earth

earth stories

For far too long, many humans across the globe have been telling themselves a story about who they are and their place as a species on this planet that is now wreaking havoc on the Earth, our only home. This story says that the Earth is not a living, interconnected whole, but simply a resource for humans to use to serve their own purposes and fulfil their own desires.

It tells us that we are superior to other beings, and have the right to dominate and control them for our own ends. We have become so disconnected from the Source of our being, that we have not realised that in destroying the Earth, we are actually destroying ourselves and everything that sustains our life. If Mother Earth is not well, we cannot be well. 

We urgently need to tell a new story about who we are and what our place is here on Earth. But it is not really a new story for all of us. It has been told by Indigenous people all over the world since time immemorial. Inspired by ancient Indigenous wisdom from Australia, Wayapa can help us relearn an old story of connectedness and caretaking.

find a deep sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose in your life

your story

What has been your story of connection to the Earth so far? 

What direction would you like it to take from here? Wherever you are at, I would love to listen to your story, and help you write your next chapter, one that deepens your connection to your true self, your tribe, your place, and the whole of our beautiful Mother Earth, and helps you to find a deep sense of belonging, meaning, and purpose in your life.

Through my services at Earth Story Wellbeing, I invite people to come together to reflect on their story or worldview, to see the impact that story is having on their own wellbeing and on the wellbeing of the entire planet, and to rediscover a new story that will reconnect them to the Earth, to their community, and to their true selves. We explore this through a combination of modalities and creative experiences, including Wayapa Wuurrk, mindfulness and meditation, art processes, journaling, ritual, circles and storytelling to name a few. Our first step is learning to reconnect with the Earth, the next is to take inspired action to care for her as if our lives depended upon it. 

I invite you to join me in co-creating a hope-filled, Earth-connected future, and find your own unique voice and the contribution you can make to the new collective story we, and the Earth, so desperately need.