wayapa introductory workshop

In this workshop you will be introduced to the beautiful Earth connection and mindfulness modality called Wayapa Wuurrk (which means “Connect to the Earth”).

Come and discover the wellness secrets that the First Australians enjoyed for over 100,000 years!  You will explore the 14 Wayapa elements and be led through a Wayapa movement practice and as well as exploring the ecological, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing benefits of living the Wayapa way. Embark on a journey to deepen your connection to the Earth, Spirit, Community, and your authentic, natural Self.

wayapa deep dive

Continue your Wayapa journey with a deeper dive into the Wayapa elements, philosophy and practices to explore your personal connection to the Earth and how to create a beautiful, Earth-connected life and home.

I offer personalised individual and group sessions both online and in person (in northern Sydney). Join me for single sessions or for a series of sessions. Longer programs range from 6 weeks to 14 weeks and I can tailor a program to suit your needs and preferences.
Contact me for more information or to express interest in working with me one to one or joining the next group. 

deepen your connection to the Earth, Spirit, Community, and your authentic, natural self.

wayapa for educators, children, parents and caregivers

All adult programs (Wayapa for Educators and Wayapa for Parents and Caregivers) include personal explorations around connectedness to and care of the Earth (we cannot teach what we do not know ourselves!) as well as context specific content for your centre, school or home. 

Wayapa for Educators
I deliver tailored programs for groups of individual educators and for early childhood services and schools (including OSHC) which can reach parts or all of your learning community. Educator programs include professional development and educator mentoring, providing support to embed the Wayapa philosophy across your curriculum and all aspects of your service.

Wayapa for Children
Children’s programs are fun, interactive and creative explorations of Wayapa, including mindfulness and Earth connection activities, story, art, movement and games to grow our next generation of Earth custodians.

Wayapa for Parents and Caregivers
Parent and caregiver programs support families to create Earth-centred homes and family rhythms.

All services (Wayapa for Educators, Wayapa for Children, and Wayapa for Parents and Caregivers) can be delivered as stand-alone offerings, for individuals or for groups, or for a full community deep dive into Wayapa Earth mindfulness, can be bundled into a package for your whole learning community.

Contact me to discuss your individual or organisational needs

create Earth-centred homes and family rhythms.